"The journey isn't from here to there; it's from there to here."
Jack Kornfield

What to Expect

  • We start with a free initial phone consultation in which you gain more clarity: We either confirm our fit together or I  suggest to you other resources that can serve you even better.
  • Moving forward, we meet by phone, Skype or in person. All in-person meetings are in Emeryville. 
  • Assignments between sessions regularly spark growth and inspiration, and I invite you to stay in contact between sessions through email and voice mail.

During our sessions, I will ask you the kinds of questions and listen in a way that helps you discover new perspective and strategies for action.  I will provide structure, feedback and authentic support to ensure that the shifts you make reflect your values and desires.  (See also Individuals and Couples for more detailed descriptions.)

Based on your goals, style of learning and issues you are exploring, the modalities we use will vary (see Approach) as well as the length and frequency of sessions:

  • Individual sessions can be scheduled for either 45 or 60 minutes; couples for 60-90 minutes.
  • Frequency varies from twice weekly to monthly.