“With awareness (the ability to know what you are feeling) and presence (the ability to inhabit a feeling while sensing that which is bigger than the feeling), it is possible to be with what you believe will destroy you without being destroyed.”
Geneen Roth


Individuals will access deeper self-awareness and acceptance which in turn creates an increased capacity to create and experience more satisfying lives. Sessions tend to include:

  • Guided inquiry and reflection
  • Somatic and cognitive approaches to resolving inner-conflict
  • Self-care practices for ongoing support

You are especially likely to benefit from Integrative Counseling if you are:

  • challenged by self-criticism
  • struggling with decision-making
  • in transition, feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • someone who has had difficulty feeling fully seen or met by other practitioners (Enneagram “4” especially – although all Enneagram “points” are welcome!)
  • And I invite you to contact me, even if you don’t see yourself in this list.

Whether you are new to the counseling journey or more experienced, an initial free consultation will give you a clearer sense of potential fit and next steps.

A note to other coaches: Individual and paired mentoring sessions available upon request.

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