"The body only appears to be an enclosure. It is actually a passageway.”
Stephen R. Schwartz


Best counselor I’ve ever worked with
Susan is the best counselor I’ve ever worked with. I’ve tried a lot of therapists, counselors, and coaches, but never before Susan did I feel like any of them truly understood me. Susan is sharp, knows what she’s doing, and really cares about her clients. I know that she’s on my side and wants the best for me. She’s been great at helping me maximize my potential.
– S.F., Mountain View, CA

The turning point for us
When one of us is reluctant to see someone for counseling, it’s hard to stay the course. We’d tried before, yet the “divorce” word continued in our conversations for over 10 years. Our time with Susan was the turning point for us. She connected with each of us in a way that had us know we would be supported both individually and as a couple, with no pre-set agenda about how we “should” be. We met in person and by phone – and even on the phone, our work with her was profound. Now I am able to express myself consistently without blame, judgment or defensiveness — and say what is so for me with complete love and tender compassion. It is so liberating!
– A.M., San Jose, CA

I want to write “she has totally saved my life”
I want to write “she has totally saved my life” (which by the way I believe is true), but I’ll keep it more descriptive and say instead: Susan has instilled in me a self-confidence that was long overdue. I’m more insightful about myself and the people around me, and I make choices now about life, work and my family that support what I want, instead of sabatoging myself. She has a thousand ways to teach and regularly finds different ways that work best for me.
– D.W., Medical Researcher, New York, NY

More connected with myself and with my partner
Our time with Susan was extremely rewarding. Her skills in communication make room for all sides feeling heard and explored together. From each meeting with Suz, I have come away feeling more connected with myself and with my partner.
– J.W., Oakland, CA

Integrity and commitment
Susan is smart, caring and a process genius. I have never known anyone with more integrity and commitment to her clients. If it’s complicated and messy, choose Susan. She’ll figure it out.
– P. McManus, San Francisco, CA

Responsive to the complexities
From our first meeting, Susan has been incredibly responsive to the complexities of my mental, physical and emotional states. She’s warm, empathic, and has such a deep respect for my process. I really feel like I am an active participant in my own transformation.
– H.L., Psychologist, Oakland, CA

Rewarding journey…greater clarity
Susan’s care and support have inspired me to take a difficult, yet rewarding, journey into myself. In my very first conversation with her (before we even met), I sensed that she had my best interest at heart. I experienced her patience and compassion at a time when I most needed it. Susan has a unique gift for “slowing things down,” guiding me not to skip over anything. This has helped me see things with greater clarity. I also appreciate her gentle approach to healing. I have finally learned how to be kind to myself.
– S.K., Berkeley, CA

I know many therapists and coaches…Susan is top-notch
Susan brings a rare combination of huge empathy and pure intelligence. Her warm-hearted, supportive style is obvious from the start, and her deep listening and encouragement have led me many times to treat myself with more compassion. At the same time, Susan is amazingly observant and insightful. She is truly expert in the field of human consciousness and relationships, drawing on an extensive toolkit. I trust her completely to treat my most delicate issues with care and sensitivity…and to gently challenge me when I need it the most. For perspective, I know many therapists and coaches, and Susan is top-notch.
– S.L.,
Portola Valley, CA

Unique ability to catalyze
Susan is one of the wisest, most insightful people I’ve ever worked with. She has a profound grasp on the dynamics of individual and organizational development, and a unique ability to catalyze both personal and professional growth. She’s a miracle worker, and I’m incredibly fortunate to count her as a trusted advisor.
– C. Kenton,
CEO, Mill Valley, CA

Your generosity of spirit truly inspires me
Your generosity of spirit truly inspires me! You nailed to a T what I was looking for… Thank you for understanding and not judging that! Your suggestions reminded me of when a spiritual teacher “cuts through” the illusion and takes you to a new understanding…You yield Manjusri’s sword like a pro!
– J.M.,
IT Manager, San Francisco, CA

You show up without judgment over and over – such great modeling for us
Last session was a beautiful reminder to us of the kind of behavior we want to keep practicing. We found it so helpful to have examples of trigger statements, and to have those synapses strengthened in our brain that when we feel triggered– we can stop and breathe. Also, your lack of judgment around choice points was beautiful. In fact, you show up without judgment over and over and over– such great modeling for us!  Thank you again for showing up in every way.
-T.S. and B.G., San Francisco, CA