Transforming compulsive behaviors and thoughts

In this episode of What Women Want to Talk About, Susan Strasburger, PhD, and host Kelly Orchard discuss how to shift from compulsive behaviors and thoughts to having more choice and freedom:

5 signs that you might be heading towards compulsive behaviors or thoughts […]

What is our response-ability in relationship?

Two women were discussing recent experiences with their ex-partners: One had wanted her partner to be able to see that she had “turned a corner” in relationship to him, and felt frustrated that he engaged with her as if she hadn’t changed. The other […]

Courageous action in the face of fear

M. contacted me through an offer for “cyber-counseling” – an experiment to see if a brief internet exchange might empower new insight and action. Below, you’ll see the touching results. Yaye, M.!

M: “I go to a community club. A friend from there […]